The Rainbow Connection Collection

The inspiration behind our newest shoot was to honor several artists, who broke the mold and forged their own paths to success by staying true to themselves. Through their use of vibrant color schemes and unique aesthetics, each maker embodies Artifact’s “Rule Breaker, Style Maker” ideology; a theme that perfectly ties all of these diverse talents together.  

Artifact’s aim in 2021 is to support underrepresented Portland artists by fostering a community of multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multi-hyphenate individuals. By supporting local artists you are directly giving back to your neighbors while also promoting the growth of small businesses. We believe that by shopping locally and small, we can create strong, meaningful relationships that encourage kinship and human connection.  

List of Artists and collaborators: 

Jewelry designers: @sidehustle @studiosophiasophia @lalibertadjoyeria

Photographer: @mandie_mannequin 

Creative Director: @starsign.vintage