Artifact's Sandalwood Glass Candle


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For our exclusive Artifact candle, we worked with Shakira of Ritual + Fancy, to create a unique scent that is both refreshing and relaxing. This luxurious candles features top notes of sandalwood, citrus and white tea.


This is a 5 oz candle with 18 - 25 hours of burn time.


Each candle is hand poured and uses only natural fragrances. Each candle has a different sprinkling of dried flower petals on top. These candles also come with a wood wick that are slow burning and emit a soft glow. Shakira recommends that for the best results you should follow these steps: 


For your first burn, use either a long match or long lighter, and start at the tall corner of the wood wick. Trace the match or lighter along the base of the wick, melting a bit of the wax along the way. If the flame extinguishes itself, wait until the wick cools a bit and then break off the excess wood before you relight. Since we do not cure the wick in any accelerants, it may take a couple tries to get the wick to fully ignite — but fear not, friends, it will light. 


Once you’ve got a flame going, it’s super important to let your candle burn until the melted wax pools and reaches the edges of the glass container. This takes 1 - 3 hours depending on the size of your vessel. Doing so will ensure your candle lights properly for all future burns. After the wax has pooled, you’ve successfully trained your wax and wick. You can blow out the candle. 


When the wax has cooled, gently pinch off the carbon from the wick, either with wick trimmers or with your fingers. Repeat this step between all future burns.


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Vintage items have been pre-loved, we don’t catch every spot or hole but any major flaws will be listed and photographed. 


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